Everyone can benefit from chiropractic care and the elimination of subluxations (or misalignments) of the spine.  These misalignments put stress on your nerve and energy systems, which in turn can have many consequences.  Ultimately, this stress diminishes your body’s ability to express life and health.

Many people understand that chiropractic care can help with many symptoms.  However, it's not just limited to lower back pain and headaches.  By removing the subluxations, your body is able to express life the way it was intended---vibrant and full of health. 

As you are adjusted, the brain, nerve, and energy system improves and we start to function the way we were intended to (awesome for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health).  Come see what chiropractic can do for you! 

With offices in Chippewa Falls, Cadott, and Hudson we are assisting many families to lead vibrant lives!

Here is what a few others have experienced... 

Dave says: “I literally hobbled into Dr. Shelby’s office unable to stand up straight. After following her direct advice and being consistent about making visits, I am feeling 20 years younger. I’m able to play the drums again, and more accurately (not better :)). I’m able to play with my kids again and I’ve been able to get back into exercise. My attitude has improved and I cannot begin to describe all the areas in my life that have benefited from that [attitude change]. Making a commitment to my treatment plan with Dr. Shelby is one of the best choices and greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself.”

Betty says: “I have been a chiropractic patient for a few years now, and have noticed major changes in the health of my back. A feeling of increased coordination happens after my adjustments. My acid reflux has almost disappeared completely after receiving chiropractic care, too! I also noticed improvements with my fallen arches. In my opinion, everyone should consult their chiropractor before going to their medical doctor. The personnel at this office are very caring; they make you feel like family! (They also have dogs that visit the office that are so sweet!)”

Kimberleigh says: “I love everything about Cook & Henriksen Chiropractic. Dr. Shelby saved my pregnancy-I could barely walk before she started adjusting me in my third trimester. She was there for me during labor too! And now, she adjusts my entire family, including when my baby was 2 days old! It's great! When you walk into Cook & Henriksen, you are always put at ease by Taylor and Dr. Shelby. Both ladies always have smiles on their faces and would bend over backwards for you. It's a truly great experience and I'm always recommending them to everyone!” 

Danielle says: “When I first started seeing Dr. Shelby I didn’t realize just how uncomfortable I was feeling. After just a few adjustments I could feel a difference. I originally started seeing Dr. Shelby for help with sinus congestion- my sinuses would drain after she did just 1 crack! Eventually, Dr. Shelby referred me to Angela (of Better Wellness) who helped me determine my allergens and come up with a game plan on how to treat and eradicate. Aside from being an expert in her field- the woman has been to more chiro conferences, seminars, and continuing education training that I can even count in the year I’ve been seeing her! What sets Dr. Shelby apart from any other healthcare provider I’ve been to is that she genuinely cares about me and my overall health. She takes the time each appointment to check in and see how I’m doing as a person. She asks questions to determine what’s going on and not only treats my symptoms but is dedicated to getting down to the cause and finding a solution for me. Dr. Shelby’s positive and calming attitude is contagious and I always feel better after seeing her. I’ve recommended Dr. Shelby to my friends and family and will continue to do so!”

We have got your back, literally! (Also, we promise we aren't that cheesy all the time!)

We have got your back, literally! (Also, we promise we aren't that cheesy all the time!)

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Dr. Shelby Henriksen grew up in Lakeville, MN and received her business degree from Loyola University Chicago where she also played collegiate volleyball.  Dr. Shelby then went on to graduate from Northwestern Health Sciences University where she received her Doctorate of Chiropractic.  She is extremely passionate about chiropractic and educating people and their families that true health comes from the inside-out! 

Dr. Shelby now resides in Hudson and truly feels this is the “perfect place for her!”  She very much enjoys meeting new people in the community and harvesting lasting relationships.  Dr. Shelby also enjoys being a short drive from her family and friends in Minnesota.  She is excited to make a BIG impact in this wonderful community and has dreams of a healthy future for all practice members- free from unnecessary prescription drugs and medical interventions.

Dr. Shelby loves to travel and still enjoys playing volleyball for fun.  In the summer you will find her on the water and in the winter on the slopes, or in a deer stand.  Come in and meet Dr. Shelby, she is ready to help you achieve your health goals!


Dr. Lona Cook grew up in Chippewa Falls and is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison as well as Northwestern Health Sciences University for her Doctorate of Chiropractic. 

She has a strong passion to communicate with people the benefits of chiropractic and helping families take active roles in their life, health, and potential.

Dr. Cook is also on the state association board and speaks internationally many weekends of the year spreading the message of better living through chiropractic care.  She also practices in Chippewa Falls at the sister clinic, Cook Chiropractic.   


Melana Rosin joined our team in June 2017 as our CA and has greatly enjoyed getting to know the awesome patients we have in our office! She grew up in Duluth, MN and is a graduate of UW-River Falls with a degree in Psychology.

As a patient to chiropractic, she has seen, felt, and encouraged positive changes within her own life. She is continually amazed with how well the body responds to each adjustment, and she can’t wait to continue to turn her light on! :)

Away from the office, she enjoys playing in co-ed soccer year-round, running, and exploring hiking trails on the weekends. If you’re looking for a friend to be active with, she’s your girl! :) Otherwise, you can find her adventuring with her closest friends.

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Angela McGuire is a wife and momma. Additionally, she’s a certified Health Coach, Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner and Certified Personal Trainer. She is the business owner of Better Wellness, and works closely with our office and surrounding community. She loves exploring the outdoors and learning and watching her daughter, Alysa, and son, Will, grow. Some of her greatest passions are nutrition, birth and coaching.  She founded Better Wellness to empower individuals in their pursuit for better health and happiness. Visit  the Better Wellness website to learn more about how Angela can assist with making beneficial changes in your life!